Hello there

Welcome to Morticia’s Sewing.  My sewing projects these days vary between costumes (as in Halloween costumes for my kid) and Corporate Goth* outfits for work (when I find some) or any other occasion when I need to impersonate a grownup.

Most of the projects will be clothing, but some may be either accessories (like bags – I need/want to start making bags again) or toys. If there’s anything in particular that you would like to see, either put a comment at the end of this post (or any other, really) or use the “Contact Me” link on the sidebar.

We’ll get started tomorrow. Promise.

*Corporate Goth is the general category for clothing that expresses a darker aesthetic, but allows the wearer to hold down a job in a more conservative setting (doctor/lawyer/business occupations, teaching, etc.)  For more information, check out the Corporate Goth website, This is CorpGoth written by Trystan L. Bass (aka the Gothic Martha Stewart), or this post written by Gothic Charm School’s Lady of the Manners Jillian Ventners.