Sewing Things for the New Year

Yes, things. You can call them resolutions, but those tend to go by the wayside in about a week. Goals is probably a better choice, so goals it is.

I’d really like to sew at least half of my outer garmets this year, except for jeans and T-shirts. Unfortunately, jeans and T-shirts are the staples of my wardrobe. I don’t need them for work at the moment; if by some bizarre miracle I do find a job, it probably won’t be one that requires me to dress especially well.

I’m thinking I’d like to have…

  • At least one good blouse. Maybe a Sorbetto or a men’s shirt-type blouse.
  • Another pair of Clovers, but in a smaller size. Hooray!
  • At least one long-ish skirt. Maybe in light wool or velvet. As I’m writing this, it’s 20F and getting colder.

I have no idea how long this will all take. But I’m starting to think I’m way too old to dress the way I’d like, and the way I’ve been used to dressing since I’ve stayed home with my daughter.


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