Wardrobe Architect: Colors

We’re firmly in the middle of Kiddo Birthday Month, where pretty much everything ceases in a mad dash to get a birthday party, birthday dinner, presents and a visit in by the end of the month/birthday time. So I haven’t been writing much.

But…I have been thinking about the Wardrobe Architect series on the Coletterie. For the past few weeks, Sarai has been talking about colors and style shapes/clothing silhouettes. I’ll talk about that last one later. Right now, I’m focused.

So, this week was about a color palette based on personal preferences. You may have probably already guessed, but I like black. In fact, I like black a whole lot. To the detriment of most other colors. I know it’s a cliché, but black makes me feel the happiest and most comfortable. Not because it’s “so slimming” (it really isn’t, actually), but I like it.

Other colors that are right up there are a light gray, slightly darker than a dove gray but in that area, dark brown (duh), purple, cerulean blue, and blood red. I don’t have any white shirts (I’ve written about that before), but I think I’d like at least one.

A’s been doing this with me as an experiment for her. I’ll ask her tonight what colors she’d like to wear the most.

What are your favorites?