What is “My Style”, anyway?

This week, the Wardrobe Architect series focused on a “core style”, based on the results of last week’s worksheet and some other questions. Sarai put together a great worksheet again that gets people thinking about what they wear the most and how they feel about the clothing they wear. Here are this week’s questions and my answers:

When you are wearing your favorite clothing, how do you feel (e.g. confident, sexy, poised, powerful, etc)? Confident, comfortable, pretty, strong, more grownup for lack of another, better phrase.

When you’re wearing something that is not quite right, how do you feel? What are the feelings you want to avoid about the clothes you wear? Very uncomfortable. Fearful, even. Like I’m standing out in the worst possible way. Feelings I want to avoid: trashy, kidlike, pretense.

Who do you consider to be your style icons? What is it about them that appeals to you?
Helena Bonham Carter. She dresses the way she wants to – most of her style hasn’t changed a lot in the past 20 years or so, and it just…looks right on her. She dresses, for the most part, like a romantic Goth.

What are some words that describe styles that you like in theory, but are not quite you?
“Cupcake Goth”/Lolita Goth, bohemian/hippie, flowery.

Look over your answers from last week on history, philosophy, culture, community, activities, location, and body. List at least 15 words that you associate with your answers. Think about descriptive words, moods, and feelings you associate with these things:
Dark, romantic, handmade, blending, camouflage, multiseason, Victorian, jewel-tone, black, outdoor, comfort, hiding, layering, business, Corporate Goth, ease, geek.

Are there other words you would like to add to this list? What other words describe
your core style?

Simple, vintage.

Look over the answers to all of the questions above. If you had to narrow your list to only 3-5 words to describe you, which words would you choose?
Corporate Goth, vintage, dark, blending in, easy.

Collect 15-20 images that represent these 3-5 words for you. You could create a pinterest board, a folder on your computer, a moodboard, or a collage. Be creative and have fun!
My Pinterest boards are over here. The two that are related to clothing are My Style and Core Style.


The Day After Halloween

Or November 1. Or something.

Something broke in my brain last night when I was trying to decide what to wear to take the Girl out trick-or-treating with our friends.  I came to the stark realization that I have nothing to wear.  As in 2 pairs of jeans, a skirt, a business suit, 5 T-shirts that are in good enough shape to wear out of the house, underwear, bras and socks.  That sort of nothing. 

So.  Now I need to figure out what I need, what I will wear, how much I’m reasonably going to be able to make, and what I should set aside from my weekly pay.  So far, I have:

  • another skirt, maybe two
  • a good pair of trousers (at least one <a href=”http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/clover”>Clover</a&gt; and another type of trouser)
  • possibly a couple of pretty goth-type things; maybe for next Halloween, most likely for before
  • another pair of jeans (definitely store-bought for this)
  • a white shirt
  • a black or purple shirt
  • some new socks/stockings

I’d like to try making all these things except for the jeans.  Jeans sewing (and really, jeans fitting), scares the hell out of me.  But I’ve successfully made and fitted slacks and trousers for myself.  I know I can do that.

First though, I think I’d like a skirt.  Maybe the <a href=”http://www.colettepatterns.com/shop/zinnia”>Zinnia</a&gt; I bought for my birthday this year.  There’s some black crepe that I could use for the pleated version, but it’d have to be lengthened.  By quite a bit.  Not because I’m 7 feet tall, either.


Sewing Things for the New Year

Yes, things. You can call them resolutions, but those tend to go by the wayside in about a week. Goals is probably a better choice, so goals it is.

I’d really like to sew at least half of my outer garmets this year, except for jeans and T-shirts. Unfortunately, jeans and T-shirts are the staples of my wardrobe. I don’t need them for work at the moment; if by some bizarre miracle I do find a job, it probably won’t be one that requires me to dress especially well.

I’m thinking I’d like to have…

  • At least one good blouse. Maybe a Sorbetto or a men’s shirt-type blouse.
  • Another pair of Clovers, but in a smaller size. Hooray!
  • At least one long-ish skirt. Maybe in light wool or velvet. As I’m writing this, it’s 20F and getting colder.

I have no idea how long this will all take. But I’m starting to think I’m way too old to dress the way I’d like, and the way I’ve been used to dressing since I’ve stayed home with my daughter.

Hello there

Welcome to Morticia’s Sewing.  My sewing projects these days vary between costumes (as in Halloween costumes for my kid) and Corporate Goth* outfits for work (when I find some) or any other occasion when I need to impersonate a grownup.

Most of the projects will be clothing, but some may be either accessories (like bags – I need/want to start making bags again) or toys. If there’s anything in particular that you would like to see, either put a comment at the end of this post (or any other, really) or use the “Contact Me” link on the sidebar.

We’ll get started tomorrow. Promise.

*Corporate Goth is the general category for clothing that expresses a darker aesthetic, but allows the wearer to hold down a job in a more conservative setting (doctor/lawyer/business occupations, teaching, etc.)  For more information, check out the Corporate Goth website, This is CorpGoth written by Trystan L. Bass (aka the Gothic Martha Stewart), or this post written by Gothic Charm School’s Lady of the Manners Jillian Ventners.